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Recent Visit To South Africa 18/08/2017

Recently Visited South Africa showcasing ITMS at the Palazzo Hotel Business Centre

We recognise that “out of the box” solutions might not suit your business.

Instead of trying to make your business fit a generic software program; we can modify the software to fit your business
Recent Visit to South Africa

New Addition To The Fleet 18/08/2017

New addition to the fleet

Welcome To The New Financial Year 18/08/2017

We would like to start off by thanking all our clients for being part of another great year of continuous growth for iTMS.

We travelled, we listened, we delivered!
Your iTMS Free Upgrades

• New Tyre Fleet Report
• Hyperlinks are now active in reporting (browser mode)
• Direct email functionality when saving reports to PDF
• Archiving Reporting
• Depot Reporting
• Company Reporting

Manual Inspections
• New function - the ability to manually schedule vehicles and tyres by selecting the calendar provided whilst using the manual inspections mode - this new feature will automatically add the vehicle and tyre position to the Tyre Schedule (showing pink on the schedule)
• Whilst saving your inspection a new feature will only allow the operator to save the inspection once to prevent duplication.

Tyre Change Schedule
• New Feature - Click on each vehicle to display the following:
o Residual value per tyre
o Cost per kilometre per tyre
o Tread depth when inspected
o Pressures when inspected
o Hyperlinks to the actual inspection for review

Our vision for 2017-2018 and beyond is to further develop with our clients to establish stability and growth to maximize success for all parties.

In Production And Soon To Be Released ITMS Retail 18/08/2017

iTMS retail is designed to support tyre and mechanical outlets to identify tyre issues and other mechanical problems for example wheel alignments and worn suspension parts that can affect tyre performance.

These concerns will be visible using a tablet with the functionality to email or text the customer including photos for approval for any replacements parts and labor leading to higher sales and safer and happier clients.

In production and soon to be released  iTMS Retail

New ITMS Feature HOURS 23/05/2018

When subscribing to ITMS you can now select HOURS for earthmoving equipment . The same program but now calulating cents per hours
Subscription starting at $450 AUD Monthly.
New ITMS Feature HOURS

ITMS Quality Policy 18/05/2018

iTMS is committed to providing high quality development, support training and implementation services to all its Clients internally and externally.
Our Quality Policy is based on the following principles:
 Client satisfaction is the hallmark of iTMS services and the quality of our work is paramount to retaining our market position and paving the way for future growth. iTMS ’s services will always meet or exceed Client requirements
 Continual improvement and ongoing development of the iTMS software is essential to customer satisfaction
 The customer experience is a critical factor in achieving the desired level of Client satisfaction and must take a high priority in all our meetings and communications. Customer ideas will be recorded in Trello with a status added and actioned
 iTMS will employ the AGILE model in all our software development to meet the needs of all stakeholders
 Quality service is the responsibility of all team members
In keeping with our quality principles iTMS will:
 Ensure the effectiveness of the iTMS Management System is reviewed at least annually in the Management Review Meeting and a general audit is conducted and reviewed annually
 Establish measurable objectives and produce statistical reports to review performance against objectives in quarterly Management Meetings. Quality Objectives will be reviewed and modified or replaced as circumstances change
 Comply with standards including ISO9001:2015, our legal requirements as well as client contractual requirements
 Consult with all stakeholders and involve staff in the decision making processes through induction training and regular meetings to improve the effectiveness of the iTMS Management System
 We will make the iTMS Quality Policy available to our clients through the iTMS website
 The Quality Policy is reviewed annually prior to our annual Internal Audit. iTMS team input will be invited and included as appropriate.
iTMS is committed to consistently achieving its 2018/2019 financial year objectives as stated below:
1. All client enquiries responded to within 24 hours
2. 99% system uptime
3. 100% compatibility with the latest android and PC operating systems
4. Zero subscription cancellation
Achieving our objectives is the responsibility of all the iTMS staff and management. Training on iTMS quality objectives is provided to Staff in regular Staff meetings and expectations are outlined in the induction training for all new employees. The Management Representative monitors any deviations from our objectives through the Non-Conformance and Continuous Improvement system described in Section 4.1.

There are currently many users of iTMS

View iTMS Demo Here

The iTMS Packages:

  • Transport Package

    $975.00 monthiy

    Maximum Includes

    One Company

    Up to Five Depots

    Twelve login Users

    Up to 750 vehicles (12,000 Tyres)

    Up to 4 axles per vehicle/equipment

    Free upgrades

    Free support

    No lock in Contract

    Your Company operating up to Five depots

    Add extra vehicles/equipment within your subscription for only
    $1.30 each

  • Purchase Here

  • Tyre Companies & Corporations


    Maximum Includes

    Ten Companies

    Twenty Depots

    Fifty Login Users

    1500 vehicles (24,000+ Tyres)

    Unlimited axles per vehicles/equipment

    Free upgrades

    Free support

    No lock in Contract

    Great start up for Tyre Companies to service Clients

  • Enquire Here



    Your Company's LOGO

    Unlimited Depots

    Unlimited Companies

    Unlimited Login users

    Unlimited Vehicles/Equipment

    Unlimited Axles & Tyres

    Free upgrades

    Free Support

    No lock in Contract

    Your Own Company's LOGO integrated to our SoftWare

  • Enquire Here



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